As the summer sun warms up and the outside bustles with activity, taking a much-needed vacation may not be an option for busy working bodies. If you can take a great escape without leaving your couch, where would you go? Sometimes the best vacations are the ones that have you living in the moment and trying new things.

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A good show can transport you to new and exciting places in the comfort of your couch. So dive in and soak in the top destination shows streaming right now.


‘Surviving Summer’

Australia’s sandy beaches and gnarly surfing are goals for anyone who loves a high-adrenaline sport. The series follows American teen Summer Torres as she is shipped off to stay with family friends in Australia by her mother after getting into endless trouble back home in New York. While there, she makes some unlikely local friends and even learns how to beat the ocean waves.

The dynamic of stepping into a new space is evident when each teen navigates their past as they try to go pro. This show makes beach lovers want to learn how to surf while soaking in the sunshine.

‘Dive Club’

What happens when a group of skilled divers spends their free time exploring the deep blue seas? Well, there’s a little adventure and a lot of mystery. As a group of young divers search for their missing best friend after a stormy day, suspicions arise about her disappearance.

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Though that may not seem so enticing for planning a destination trip, the underwater scenery of being one with nature in the coral reefs is breathtaking. In this fictional town, the landscape transports you to open land, the greenest grass, lush trees, and hills that are calling to be explored. Grab the scuba gear and swim into this thrilling show to uncover the puzzles of the dive world and hidden treasures hiding under the sea.

‘Summer Heat’

Summer Heat brings elite living, romance, and friendship within the beauty of scenic Brazil. The series centers on a group of young workers at a blissful resort who are trying to have the Summer of their lives. Where the working class and rich cross paths, the resort is filled with gorgeous people living a life of ups and downs in an idyllic place.

It’s evident in this show that living a classy lifestyle can also mean having to deal with the pressures of keeping up a pompous image. Despite the slight drama, a trip to Brazil doesn’t look so bad if it means going to glamorous parties by the beach.

‘The Lake’

Though it may not be a tropical getaway, a trip to a cottage on the lake can be a great way to escape life’s hustle and bustle. In the new Canadian series, The Lake, a 16-year-old girl, Billie, is sent to spend the Summer with her biological father, Justin, at his family’s cottage. Justin forms a new bond with his estranged daughter while working through family dilemmas. Talk about a family reunion. They take the time to be re-acquainted until Justin learns that the family cottage was left to his step-sister and the fight to reclaim his birthright ensues.

With the quirky characters and relatable family drama, The Lake gives the nostalgia of going camping and eating s’mores around the campfire. Viewers also have the chance to see the great outdoors of Northern Ontario, Canada.

‘The White Lotus’

Pineapples, palm trees, and luaus at a five-star hotel in Hawaii seem like the ultimate vacation. The White Lotus takes an inside look into the lives of a complex ensemble of hotel employees and travelers. The first season received a lot of attention, and its second season will be an anthology highlighting a new set of characters in The White Lotus Sicily, Italy resort.

The show uses its quirkiness to display how wealth and privilege are not all it appears to be. As some of the richest and elite characters visit the White Lotus hotel to escape their personal problems, they realize that a beautiful setting doesn’t get rid of the ugliest parts of their lives.

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