Victoria’s Secret tomorrow will unveil its first new fragrance in five years. Bare eau de parfum—and the campaign the company has created for the launch—both mirror Victoria’s Secret’s rebirth since it was spun off from L Brands nearly a year ago

According to Victoria’s Secret, Bare has a unique formula that adapts to each person’s body chemistry, creating a scent that is unique to the wearer. The woody floral EDP features upcycled Australian sandalwood and responsibly sourced ingredients. Notes include Mandarin Madagascar, Egyptian Violet Leaf and Jasmine Absolu.

Bare has a unique formula that adapts to each person’s body chemistry, according to Victoria’s Secret.

“As this is the brand’s newest fragrance pillar in five years, we are so excited to launch Bare Eau de Parfum because it is a testament to every woman’s sense of self-expression and individuality,” said Kristen Lagoa, vice president of merchandising, beauty and accessories, Victoria’s Secret.

“Bringing the idea of a signature scent to a whole new level, this fragrance is created with a proprietary blend of musks that adapts to each person’s body chemistry to create a fragrance that’s all their own—becoming a unique experience for everyone who wears it. This goes hand-in-hand with our ongoing mission to uplift and champion all women throughout their distinct journeys,” Lago added.

New Fragrance Approach at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret says it is shifting from an exclusionary view of what is “sexy” to celebrating women throughout every phase of their lives. In fact, the company has shelved its angels for brand ambassadors like women soccer stars, plus-size TikTokers, Black transgender women and a model with Down Syndrome.

It is taking a similar tact with Bare. The launch is supported with a women-led campaign shot by photographer Zoe Ghertner and styled by Camilla Nickerson that features women ranging from social advocates to herbalists to artists, capturing their individuality and diverse personalities. The women in the campaign include:  Izzy Adams, Abrielle Stedman, Synmia Rosine, Celeste Romero, Gabrielle Richardson, May Hong, Noni Cygnor, Cali Rand, Jeneil Williams  and  Courtney Coll.

Bare was in the ideation and conceptualization phase for about two years, according to Victoria’s Secret. The idea behind the fragrance stems from the meaning of  “bare”—to be completely yourself, always authentic and true to you.

“As a company, we are proud to be able to introduce a fragrance that not only celebrates you, but also becomes you,” said Lagoa.

Bare also utilizes Cryptosym, a new technology from Symrise that is said to “encrypt” fragrance formulations to eliminate counterfeits.

“Symrise perfumers formulated Bare with this new, cutting-edge encryption technology that protects the uniquely crafted fragrance and its proprietary ingredients, ensuring the formula remains a trade secret to Victoria’s Secret. In short, encrypt simply means to ‘lock’ your unique formula by making it virtually impossible to replicate for a copycat version,” said Julianne Pruett, vice president of fine fragrance sales, North America, Symrise.

“We created something completely different with Bare—something comforting yet captivating, soft yet sensual. The idea is to accentuate the beauty of the wearer, without covering up their unique scent and individuality,” Master Perfumers Nathalie Benareau and Carlos Vinals said in a statement.

The bottle and packaging are clean, paired back and evoke warmth—similar to the musks of the fragrance that mix with the wearer’s body chemistry to reveal their signature scent, according Victoria’s Secret. The design team said the Bare eau de parfum also inspired a more organic shape compared to other Victoria’s Secret fragrances. The cap was designed to bring in a sense of glamour.

The Victoria’s Secret Bare collection includes EDP ($79.95/3.4 oz, $59.95/1.7 oz), EDP rollerball ($19.95/.23 oz), fine fragrance mist ($25/8.4 oz, $15/2.5 oz), lotion ($25/8.4 oz) and a luminous body veil ($30/5.8 oz), which is billed as a luxe cream-to-oil formula.

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